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Pharmacist jobs in pharmaceutical industries cover both manufacturing and packaging departments.

The manufacturing department deals with the practical preparation of dosage forms and packaging is concerned with the protection of Manufactured dosage forms by using different types of packaging materials. 

To find a job opportunity in these departments is a good chance and everyone must avail the chance if he or she finds the opportunity.

A well known pharmaceutical industry is offering a managerial job opportunity to look at their Manufacturing and packaging activities.

The job is announced for the following post,

Senior Manager Production



The job experience required for this post is 10 to 12 Years Of Experience.

Educational Requirements

Following are educational Requirements for this job post,

  • Pharm D (Doctor Of Pharmacy)

The degree of the applicant must be authentic and from a well-known university or college.

Job Description

  • Responsible for production activities.

  • Will be responsible to control the line losses.

  • Will be responsible for timely delivery of all the planned products.

  • Preparation of production schedules.

  • Preparation of production-related policies & objectives.

  • Responsible for production planning.

  • Preparation of BMR & BPRs.

  • Ensure proper implementation of batch manufacturing records.

  • Ensure smooth running of machines by ensuring proper maintenance schedule by coordinating the maintenance department.


The seat is for a managerial post so Leadership Skills are very important to lead the team from the front side.

Last Date.

  • 10 February 2022


               Job Post # 2

In the same pharmaceutical industry, one more job post is available for the post of 

  • Senior Quality Assurance officer


The candidates having the following qualifications can apply for this job post,

  • Pharm-D

  • MSc Chemistry

  • BSc Chemistry


The selected candidate will be responsible for

  • Line clearance

  • In-process Control

  • In-process testing

  • Qualification

  • Internal audit

  • Will also be responsible to raise change controls.

  • Will also be responsible to handle customer complaints.


2 to 3 years of experience is required in the same field.

Last Date

The last date for this job is 10 February 2022.

             Post # 3

The third job post is in the regulatory department. The qualification required for this post is Pharma-D.


The required working experience for this post is 1 to 2 years.


This job designation is 

  • Officer Regulatory Affairs

 Last Date To Apply



The fourth job is for the post of Manager Business Development and the experience required for this job post is 6 to 8 years.

The applicant must have the following qualifications to apply for this job post,

  • Pharm-D

  • MBBS

Last Date

10 February 2022

How To Apply

As different posts are announced in different departments so when you send your CV to the address below, do mention the name of the job post for which you are eligible.

For details, you can go and check the following site.

Pharma Name

All mentioned job posts are available in the following pharmaceutical industry

  • Pharmatec


The above-mentioned pharma is present in Karachi.

Company Profile

Pharmatec is the fastest growing pharmaceutical industry in Pakistan and is located in Karachi.

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