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Here we have two job opportunities in two different pharmaceutical industries one is in the Research & Development Department & the other is in the Quality Control Department.

Both fresh and experienced  candidates are eligible depending upon the requirements described in the details of each job information.

First of all, we will discuss the Research & Development job and before going into details of this job you must have information about what is Research & Development.

Research & Development

As the name indicates this department is involved in the research of new drug molecules and then the development of the dosage form. In developing countries usually, only development work is done and research is not carried out so this department is also known as the product development department which is a better suited name for this department in these countries.

Developing a new product is also a long activity and involves a lot of trials, manufacturing and testing activity.

Manufacturing + Testing

Most pharmaceutical industries have product development laboratories where only trials are manufactured and then for testing it is sent to the Quality control department.Quality control department perform testing and send report to the product development department.

Well developed pharmaceutical Industries have a separate analysis department within the product development department and testing is performed there.

                 JOB # 1

Now let’s discuss the details of the job listing.

Position Designation

The candidates who will be selected after the company hiring process will be awarded the designation of

  • Senior Officer Research and Development


  • This job vacancy is announced for Pharmacists so any person having a Doctor of Pharmacy degree can apply for this post.


  • Fresh candidates are not required for this post so only experienced pharmacists having 3 to 4 years of experience are eligible for this designation.

The candidates must have previous working experience in following,

  • Product development of tablets.

  • Product development of capsules.

  • Product development of eye Drops.

  • Product development of oral liquid and ointments.

The candidates must know ICH guidelines about following,

  • Stability guidelines 

  • Method development 

  • QbD or Quality by Design

  • Technology transfer

Soft Skills

  • As the product development department is involved in coordination with many other departments, good communication skills and good interpersonal skills are required.

  • Must be a fast learner and multitasking.

  • Should be able to work under stressful working conditions to meet deadlines.

Seats Available

  • For the above-mentioned position, only 01 seats are available.


  • It is available in Lahore.

Pharmaceutical Name

This job vacancy is announced by Remington Pharmaceuticals.

Important Note

Urgent hiring is required for this post so try to apply as soon as you can to avail yourself of the chance.

  • It provides equal opportunity for both male and female candidates so both can apply to avail themselves of the chance.

Application Method

To avail of this opportunity send your recent CVs to the given email address


About Remington Pharmaceuticals

Remington Pharmaceuticals has located on Multan road 18 Km and is one of the well-known industries of Pakistan that has recently got a WHO pre-qualification certificate.

So after getting this certification, Remington Pharmaceuticals became the first pharma company in Pakistan which achieved this certification.

This industry has state of the art manufacturing facilities for manufacturing tablets, capsules, liquid Syrup, eye drops and semisolids.

A state of the art quality control laboratory equipped with all the required instruments is available for testing and analysing the drug products and raw materials.

Quality Assurance and product development departments work efficiently to deliver new and quality products.

Toll Manufacturing

Remington Pharmaceuticals is also involved in tool manufacturing of drug products so some well known pharma groups are as,

  • ICI Pharma

  • Getz Pharma

  • Novartis Pharma

  • Sanofi Pharma 

Good Thing

  • The good and unique thing about Remington Pharmaceuticals is that the owner of this pharmaceutical is a Pharmacist so this pharma has the credit from a few pharmaceutical industries which are established by the Pharmacist and are working for the benefits of the pharmacy profession.

              Job Listing # 2

The details of 2nd job listing are given in the following,

       BM homoeopathic

BM homoeopathic Pharmaceutical industry is located in Lahore and was built to provide quality homoeopathic medicines.

BM homoeopathic pharmaceutical never compromise on the quality of the medicines and it has a well-established quality control Lab where testing of raw materials, herbs and other chemicals is carried out according to quality standards.

BM homoeopathic pharmaceutical has the following manufacturing facilities, departments & details are at below,

  • Quality Control

  • Quality Assurance

  • Tablet Section

  • Classical Wing

  • Research & development

  • Syrup Section

  • Tincture Section

BM is also involved in contract manufacturing of different products for different companies.

Post Position

The BM homoeopathic Pharmaceutical industry is in search of a young and energetic pharmacist to join their Quality control department as 

  • Quality Control Pharmacist


  • No doubt it’s a homoeopathic pharmaceutical industry but it demands a Pharmacist with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from a well-known university or college of Pakistan.

Experience Required

The company is in search of pharmacists having 1 to 2 years of experience.

  • No restrictions for fresh candidates so fresh candidates can also apply for this post.

Seats Available

One Job post is available for the above mentioned position.

So try to apply as a fast as possible.


Following job responsibilities are required from the selected candidate,

  • The selected candidate will be responsible for testing raw materials.

  • Inspections of incoming materials.

  • Will be responsible for carrying out all testing related activities of quality control.

  • Coordination with other departments like P.D to facilitate new products manufacturing & testing.

  • Testing of finished products.

  • Preparation of method validation protocol.

  • Validation of equipment.

  • In-process testing of the products.

  • Ensure that all the finished products,  raw materials and packaging materials are stored properly.

Soft Skills

  • The candidates must be good at communication.

  • Should be multiple tasking and good in time management.

  • Good interpersonal skills.

  • Punctual and regular.


This post is available in Lahore.


Glaxo town,22 Anum road, industrial estate,20 Km Ferozepur road.

How to Apply

If you are interested to join this post, send your updated resumes at the given email,




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