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If you have a good knowledge of Active pharmaceutical ingredients & various excipients and your interest is to work on the development of some new products in pharmaceutical industries then Research & Development (R&D) or Product development is the department which you can join to fulfil your dreams.

Apart from having a good knowledge of APIs & excipients, you must have a sound knowledge of different dosage forms, stability studies & method development techniques because when you develop a new product, you also have to develop a testing method for this new product & have to conduct or collect data of stability studies.

The product development department is the department of any pharma industry which develops new products according to market demands and plays an important role to enhance the portfolio of the pharmaceutical industry. 

Job Title

A well-established pharmaceutical industry is looking for a candidate who is interested to work in their Product development department as a Senior Officer.

Required Qualification

The majority of the pharmaceutical industries hire Pharmacists for their Product Development Department but this pharma is also interested in giving a chance to chemists as well.

So the candidates having a Doctor Of Pharmacy or MSc Chemistry degree from a well-known university or college can apply for this post of Senior Officer in Product Development.

Required Experience

The designation status ‘senior’ clearly defines that this post is for an experienced person.

So a person having 2 to 5 years of experience is eligible to apply for this post.

Job Skills

The candidate must be good at method validation.

Should have sound knowledge & experience of working on HPLC.

Number Of Posts

One vacancy is available for the post of Senior Officer Product Development.

Name Of Pharmaceutical industry

The above-mentioned position is available at AGP Pharmaceutical Industry.


SITE Area Karachi.

How To Apply

Applying Procedure is very simple & easy, only you have to send your CV to the given address,


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