QA and PD Jobs For Pharmacists


Product development department in the pharmaceutical industry is involved in developing new products for the organisation and if you are interested to join the PD department which is the short name for product development then read the following details to avail the offer.

Job # 01

PD jobs

Job Title

The pharmaceutical industry is looking for a Pharmacist for its PD or Product development department to work as a Product Development Scientist.

Degree Requirements

All the interested candidates with a Doctor Of Pharmacy degree can apply for this PD job to avail of the opportunity.

Required Experience

This job is not for fresh candidates and the experience Requirements for this PD job is 01 to 02 years.

Number Of Vacancies

Only one candidate will be hired for this PD job.

Soft Skills

The candidate must have following soft Skills,

  • Well aware of time management.

  • Must be good at communication.

  • Should be multi-tasking

Job Responsibilities

Some key responsibilities after selection are given as below,

The selected candidate will be involved in the product development of the following dosage forms,

  • Tablets

  • Capsules

  • Eye Drops

  • Eye Ointment

  • Oral Liquids

Will be responsible for literature research and selection of reference drugs.

Preparation of protocol to prepare a batch in the PD lab.

Development of new products on a lab scale and their testing.

Preparation of CTD for new products.


The above-mentioned PD job is announced by the pharmaceutical industry located in Lahore.

Last Date To Apply

Applying opportunity is till 05 September 2022.

Name Of Pharmaceutical

Remington Pharmaceutical

Applying Procedure

Applying Procedure is only a step away & you can apply by sharing your CV at the given address,


                       Job # 2

The second vacancy is in the quality assurance department of the pharmaceutical industry & if you are willing to join the QA department or are in search of QA jobs then you’re at the right place.

Job Title

The pharmaceutical industry in Lahore is looking for a Pharmacist for the QA department to join as Lead Quality Assurance.


As we know that pharmaceutical industries now hire Pharmacists for their QA department so if you have a Doctor Of Pharmacy degree, you are eligible for this QA job.


Again this job is not for fresh candidates and all Pharmacists having 4 to 5 years of experience can apply for this job.

Number Of Vacancies



As we discussed earlier it is in Lahore.

Soft Skills

  • Good communication skills.

  • Able to work in a team.

  • Multitasking

Job Responsibilities

Main responsibilities after selection will be as given,

Will be responsible for following

  • Line clearance.

  • In-process testing.

  • Monitoring of Area.

Will collect samples for in-process testing and the quality control department.

Will be responsible for monitoring validation & calibration.

Will be responsible for batch release & its documentation review.

Will be responsible to ensure compliance.

Last Date To Apply

The last Date for this job vacancy is 05 September 2022.

Name of pharmaceutical

This job vacancy for the QA department is also available in Remington Pharmaceutical.

Applying Procedure

Applying Procedure is the same as we discussed above in job #1.


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