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Quality assurance is the department that is responsible for ensuring the quality of medicines manufactured in the pharmaceutical industry by performing various in-process checks and tests.

This department is also involved in documentation creation & its maintenance.

Important Information

In developing countries like Pakistan, the department of quality assurance is growing very fast from the last few years.

The reason for its fast growth is regulatory bodies’ requirements for this department.

A few years back there was no concept of a separate quality assurance department & it was the part of the quality control department.

The manager of quality control was also responsible for quality assurance matters but nowadays it is an independent department and plays an important role in the growth of any pharmaceutical industry.

When regulations become strict, the pharmaceutical industries start to hire separate quality assurance managers and offices.

        About Job Listings

A well known pharmaceutical industry is offering 3  job listings for Pharmacists. 

One job is in the quality assurance department and 2 are in the production department.

Quality Assurance Department

The job is available for the post of

  • Assistant Manager Quality Assurance,

Experience Requirements

As the job mentioned is for the post of assistant manager so it requires an experienced person having  5-6  Years Of previous work Experience in the Same Field.

  • Candidates having the above-mentioned experience should apply for the post.


The candidates should have a authentic degree of

  • Pharm D (Doctor Of Pharmacy)

Required Skills

The applicant must be skilled professionally and must have sound technical knowledge of all the Quality Assurance related tasks and activities.

The interested person must also have the experience in ,

  • Validation

  • Qualification

Important Note

  • SAP is now becoming more and more important & common in pharmaceutical industries so candidates having sound knowledge of SAP will be given preference.

Soft Skills

  • Leadership Skills

  • Interpersonal Skills

  • Good communication and fast learning skills.

Leadership Skills

A True leader can motivate his team in the right direction.

                    Job#  2 

      Production Department

The Production Department is the backbone of any pharmaceutical industry and to be part of a good production team is a good blessing.

  • This pharma is offering 2 job opportunities for their production Department and details are given as below,


The job listing is available for the designation of 

  • Senior Production Officer


 2-3 Years Of  Experience is required.


  • Pharm D


                     Job# 3

The third job is for the designation of,

  • Production Executive

Required Experience

For this job, the maximum Experience required is 5 years.


Required Education

Pharm D or Doctor of Pharmacy


For the above described 2 pharmaceutical vacancies the applicants must have skills in following operations,

  • Tablet Granulation

  • Tablet Compression

  • Tablet Coating

  • Encapsulation


  • SAP experienced candidates will be given preference.

Industry Name

All the above-mentioned positions are announced at,

  • Platinum Pharmaceutical



Applying Procedure

Updated CVs are required at

Mention the name of the post.

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