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The regulatory affairs department in the pharmaceutical industry is a very important and active department that is involved in all the legal documentation and preparing all types of drug dossiers and layouts for approval.

Importance Of Regulatory Department

If you want to start a new pharmaceutical plant the first department you need to hire is the regulatory department which will guide you to take layouts approval from Regulatory bodies of that country.

If you want to start manufacturing new products, again you have to take help from the regulatory department because the process of product registration is completed through the regulatory department.

If you want to make any changes in the existing layout of the manufacturing unit you have to take approval from regulatory bodies and this job is performed by the regulatory department of that pharmaceutical industry.

In short, any kind of legal amendment which is required to be done for a particular pharmaceutical industry, is done through the regulatory department of that particular organisation.

So the importance of this department can’t be ignored in pharmaceutical industries as well as in nutraceutical industries.

About Job

A well known pharmaceutical industry is providing a chance to the energetic candidates to join their regulatory department and details are given as below,

Post Announced

The job is announced for the post of 

  • Officer Regulatory Affairs

Required Experience

As the job is for the post of officer it requires 2-3 years of experience.

  • The applicant must have the above-mentioned experience in the relevant field. Mean previous experience should be in the Same department.

Educational Requirements

  • This job is announced for Pharmacist mean candidates with Pharm D (Doctor Of Pharmacy) degree can apply for this post.

The degree of the applicant must be authentic and approved by the Pharmacy Council.

Job Description

The basic job description for this post are as follows,

  1. Preparation of CTD dossiers.

  2. Responsible for registration procedures of DRAP.

  3. Maintenance of regulatory record.

  4. Follow up of registration processes & post registration cases.

  5. Responsibility for finance-related regulatory problems.

  6. All main regulatory regulated tasks.


Soft skills required for this job are good communication skills and interpersonal skills.

Both these skills are very important for a good regulatory officer because he has to interact with different people and different departments.

Industry Name

Officer Regulatory Affairs post is available in following pharmaceutical industry

  • Pharmatec 



How To Apply

  All applications or  CVs  should be sent to the following email address

 Last Date 

The final date to apply for this job listing is

 05 February 2022.

Company Profile

Pharmatec is a well-growing pharmaceutical company in Pakistan located in Karachi.

Different manufacturing facilities are available In Pharmatec and some are given as below,

  • Creams

  • Ointments

  • Gels

  • Drops

  • Tablets

  • Capsules

  • Caplets

Pharmatec is also involved in the manufacturing of nutraceuticals.

Contract Manufacturing

Pharmatec pharmaceutical is also Engaged in contract manufacturing and its main partners are,

  • GSK

  • Abbott Laboratories

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