Why Should We Hire You


‘Why should We hire’ you is one of the frequently asked questions in any job interview and it can also be asked in some different ways as,

  • “How are You different from others for this job”

  • “Why Should I select You”

  • “Why You are Best For This Role”

This is a very tricky question and the intent of the interviewer behind this question is to select the best candidate for this job.

Firstly we should keep in mind that, the interviewer is also on a Job for that particular organization and he/she must hire the best available person for that job.

If he or she hired a person who was not capable of that job or leave the job immediately after joining means the interviewer or job hiring manager has not have good selection skills.

It will be a question mark to the performance of hiring managers, so hiring managers always try to select the best candidate because a good candidate selection also reflects hiring managers capabilities.

One other important factor is that for that particular Job you are not the only candidate, many other people are also called for this job interview. So usually interviewers ask this question at the end of the interview to know how you are different from others and to select best one.

Points Not To Be Used

So now we will discuss some tips or key points which you should not use to answer this question.

Point 1

Never use the word I need this job. Because by this statement you show your weakness.

Point 2

Don’t be arrogant and never give the reasons like you are the only candidate in the area who is the best for this job.

Point 3

Never give an impact that you are using a transcripted answer rather make your answer natural.

Points To Be Used

Following are the points or tips which you should use to answer this question.

Point 1

Do not give only 1 reason for hiring rather you should give 2 to 3 reasons.

Point 2

Give strong unique reasons and should give practical examples to justify the Keywords of the job description. Show your achievements to justify the reasons.

Point 3

Use a maximum of 60 seconds to answer this question.

Sample Answer

Now we will discuss a sample answer and you can take it as an example to modify your answer.

Reason 1

You should hire me because I’m success-oriented and I believe that success brings prosperity.

Reason 2

You should hire me because I can transfer my technical skills to my team to get the best results.

Reason 3

You should hire me because I believe that my skills match your job descriptions as you mentioned you need a candidate for processes improvement.(Give your practical examples)


  • In my previous role, I was the 

the team leader of the process improvement project and we improved the process of 50 products in one year and save time and money for organization.


  • The candidates having no experience applying for a fresher job can show their academic achievements related to teamwork or soft skills or can showcase any project relevant to the job description.


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