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In this article, we will discuss a very basic question that is usually asked in every job interview and most people are not able to answer this question with confidence because they get confused about what to tell.

Reasons Why Failed

There are many reasons for confusion or failure of this question and some are given as below,

No Practice

  • People fail to answer this question because they have no practice for it.

Family History

  • Most of the people failed in this question because they start to talk about their personal life.

Long Time

  • It takes a lot of time to tell stories and it has a bad impact on the interviewer.

Right Way To Answer

  • Now we will discuss what is the right way to answer this question but before going into details the first thing you should know is to understand the theme of this question.

  • The interviewer, by asking this question, wants to know about your professional life, not about your personal or family life. Do not talk about your personal life.

Following are some key points and follow these points to answer this question and hopefully, you will be able to satisfy the interviewer.

  • Take this question as an opportunity and should give thanks to the interviewer in the following way,

“Thanks to give me a chance to tell you about myself”

Now Follow the 3S formula to answer this question.

1st S = Professional Short Story

2nd S =Success Story

3rd S = Strengths

1st S = Professional Short Story

After your name, tell the interviewer about your professional short story.

 This part may cover following,

  • Your Name

  • Total Work Experience In a Specific Field.

  • Current Role

  • Summary about past company and experience.


  • I’m ABC and I have X years of experience in the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector.

  • Currently, I’m working in X Pharmaceutical for the last X year at Y designation.

  • I worked for Z Pharmaceutical for X years at Y designation.

2nd S =Success Story

In this part tell about your professional achievements.

You can inform the interviewer about the following,

  • About your Promotions.

  • About your Projects

  • About you Awards

  • About Your Training


  • At my current job, I got 2 promotions in two years due to my process improvement and cost-saving projects.

  • I was nominated for an Excellence award and got an employee of the year award.

  • I got several in-house and outside training to polish my professional skills.

3rd S = Strengths

In the last portion talk about your strengths and tell the interviewer about Why he should select you.


  • I’m a team player and can perform well in challenging conditions and better fit the job descriptions of your company because I have All the required skills.

Duration For Answer

One important factor to keep in mind is that you should not take a long time to answer this question.

  • The best and suitable duration is 60 seconds of 90 seconds.

You can avail yourself of a maximum of 120 seconds to answer this question.

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