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A Good News for all  Pharmacists is that new job opportunities are opening to work in new areas. As we know food panda was dealing with food deliveries but now they are also involved in medicines.

Like food, medicines are also needed by almost every home and after checking the doctor the medicines are required for patients so Food Panda is also working on this field of medicines.

Food Panda is looking for a competent pharmacist & details are given as,

Hiring Designation 

The job designation is as 

  • Project trainee Pharmacist


The degree requirement for this job is 


Doctor of pharmacy

  • The degree must be valid and from a well-reputed university.


The candidates who are interested in getting this job must have a degree and a Pharmacist license.

This job is announced for fresh pharmacists, this notification is of great importance because the majority of fresh graduates want to get a job before getting their degree & license.

As we know that some duration is required by the university to award the degree and you can not get a Pharmacist registration number without a degree.

After getting a degree the application is submitted to the pharmacy council to get the registration number & license so if you are in the above-mentioned phase, don’t apply for this post.


  • As the designation is indicating that it’s a trainee job so it requires no experience.

  • Fresh Pharmacists can apply for this post having a Doctor of Pharmacy degree.

Job Type

  • The job nature of the above-mentioned listing is not permanent.

  • It is a temporary job and candidates will be hired for 6 months.


The job location is Karachi

Number of posts

01 post is available for this job.

Job Responsibilities

  • Will be responsible for developing new Standard Operating Procedures or SOPs.

  • Data updation in the system.

  • Will be responsible for root cause analysis.

  • Development of new processes.

  • Expertise in pharmacy formulary.

  • Provision of assistance to the sales team.

  • Training.

  • Assist with pharmacy assistance.


The following skills are required for this job listing

  • Should be skilful to work in Microsoft office because different types of data is to be prepared by the selected candidate.

  • Should be able to work on Google sheets.

  • Should be able to edit photos.

  • Should have good knowledge of brands of different medicines.

  • Know about quality tools for medicinal products.

  • Must have good interpersonal skills.

  • Must have good communication skills.

  • Must have good problem-solving skills to avoid stress.

Applying Procedure

For more details and to apply for this job visit following site and follow the instructions,

  • Go to the official website of the Food Panda and then go to the jobs or career portion.

  • Select Shops in the department box.

  • Click project trainee pharmacy operations.

  • Read details & fill out the application form for this job which is given online on the official website of Food Panda.

  • After properly filling the required areas, submit the form on the same website.

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