Job Descriptions Of Production Pharmacist


Job Descriptions Of Production Pharmacist ( OSD Manufacturing )

The job descriptions for production pharmacists working in the oral solid dosage forms (Tablet, Capsule, Dry Suspension) area are given as follows,

1.0 Title

  • Production Pharmacist

This job post is for a fresh or junior Pharmacist in the OSD (Oral Solid Dosage Form) area.

2.0 Qualification

Pharm-D or  Doctor of Pharmacy 

3.0 Experience

Fresh or up to 2 years of experience is required for this post.

4.0 Reporting To

The production pharmacist reports to the Manager Production of the oral solid dosage form.

5.0 Subordinates

The following staff will be under-reporting of this pharmacist,

  • Supervisors

  • Machine Operators

  • Helpers

6.0 Job Descriptions

The core job descriptions for fresh pharmacists working in the oral solid dosage form area are  given below,

6.1 Learn & perform line clearance in Oral solid dosage form area to ensure timely start-up of all operations. During line clearance thoroughly check all the inline equipment & related materials.

6.2 Supervision of all manufacturing activities performed in the granulation area. Special care should be provided during wet granulation to know the endpoint of wet granulation.

6.3 Ensure that all activities in the granulation area are performed according to batch manufacturing records.

6.4 Monitoring Of compression operations including to ensure that the differential of the area is properly maintained.

6.5 Perform in-process testing during the compression operation.

6.6 Ensure timely line clearance of the tablet coating area. Supervision of tablet coating operation to coat the batch smoothly.

6.7 Supervision and monitoring of all activities in the dry powder suspension filling area. Perform in-process testing during filling of suspension operation.

6.8 Ensure timely line clearance of capsule filling process & also ensure  Monitoring of other capsule filling area activities.

6.9 Prepare and maintain balance verification records. Physically check the balance using dummy weights.

6.10 Batch receiving from raw material stores according to the requirements of the manufacturing area. The batches are received in such a manner that no operation is disturbed.

6.11 Checking & Maintenance of cleaning hygiene records of workers. It is maintained on a daily basis by checking the different cleaning parameters.

6.12 In-house training of the supervisors, machine operators & helpers. The training can be given on different SOPs, SCPs and processes.

6.13 Understanding of 

SOPs ( Standard Operating Procedures) and SCPs ( Standard Cleaning Procedures)

6.14 Ensure that all areas & equipment are cleaned according to SCPs.

6.15 Take part in discussions of the weekly manufacturing plan and contribute to its implementation. Ensure timely delivery of products from manufacturing to packaging.

6.16 Ensure that all equipment are calibrated & highlight the equipment whose calibration is due. If calibration is due ask the outsourcing vendor to calibrate it.

6.17 Polish his/her skills by taking part in the training.

6.18 Monitor line losses of different products at different stages of processing. Try to reduce the line loss to increase the product yield.

6.19 Monitoring of different activities carried out in sachet filling area if it is available.

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