Fresh Pharmacist and Manager Jobs


Main and important departments in the pharmaceutical industry are,

  • Production Department

  • Quality Control Department

  • Quality Assurance Department

The selection of a department depends on the interest of candidates & those people are very lucky who have the same profession and passion.

If the job is according to your interest then it’s obvious that you will always try to give your best.

Different job opportunities are available in a pharma manufacturing company in above-mentioned departments so can apply according to your interest & experience.


One good thing about this pharmaceutical industry is that it is also looking for a fresh pharmacist to start his/her career so for Freshers it may be a good opportunity to avail.

                          Job # 1

Production Department

The first seat announced is in the production department and details of this job listing are described below,

Job Designation

The pharma is looking for the post of 

  • Production Pharmacist


  • A person with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree is eligible to apply for this post.

  • Degree must be authentic & valid.


  • As we discussed earlier this pharma is going to give a chance to Freshers so it is the post where no experience is required & fresh pharmacists can apply with confidence.

Number of vacancies

One post is available


As the job is for Freshers so no technical skills are required only focus is that the person must have the following attributes,

  • Should be motivated & energetic.

  • Should be a fast learner.

  • Good communication and interpersonal skills.

  • Good writing skills to complete documentation.

  • Regular & punctual.

                    Job # 2

Quality Assurance Department

The qualitylity of the products manufactured in pharmaceutical industries is assured by the quality assurance or QA department.

The same pharmaceutical industry is also looking for a energetic person for its QA department and details areas,


This post requires a candidate to lead its QA department as,

  • Quality Assurance Manager


  • Managerial positions always demand experience persons so the applicant having at least 8 years of experience can apply for this job post.


  • An important point to keep in mind is that out of 8 years the person must have 2 years of experience in the quality control department.

  • In other words 6 years in the QA department & 2 years in the QC department.


  • The requirements of education for this post to apply are Doctor Of Pharmacy.


Must be skilled in all the activities of QA & its documentation.

Number of posts

Only 01 posts announced


It is a good opportunity for those pharmacists who are working in any pharmaceutical industry at the executive post to join this job as a Manager & leads the team.

                      Job # 3 

Quality Control Department

As we know quality control department is involved generally in testing for all types of materials & finished products so the person having an interest in testing can apply in the same pharmaceutical industry to join its Quality Control department.

Job Designation

The job listing in the QC department is available for the post of 

  • Quality Control Analyst or QC Analyst.


One relaxation of this job post is that person having MSc degree can also apply for this vacancy.

So the requirements are

  • Pharm-D

  • MSc Chemistry

Applicants having any of the above-mentioned degrees can apply for this post.


  • This listing requires at least 2 years of experience.


All three positions are available in Lahore.

Pharma Name

  • Venus Pharma

Applying Procedure

Applying Procedure is very simple,  only share Your updated CVs at the given email by highlighting the name of the post for which you are applying.


23 km Multan Road Lahore

About Venus Pharma

Venus Pharma was established in 1989 to provide the best quality products to all its customers.

Venus Pharma is producing medicines for both humans and animals.It has the Human health Division as well as the animal health Division.

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