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New Products development plays an important role in the business growth of any Pharmaceutical industry. Day by day new medicines are registered by different companies & to compete & grow, every pharmaceutical industry tries to increase its products portfolio by developing & launching new products.

New product development is not a simple and easy task; it comprises lots of trials and testing methods development.

Before commercial production of any product, first of all, its formulation is developed, then its manufacturing trial is conducted and after the formulation of dosage form, it is tested for its safety & efficacy.

Stability testing is also done to collect its stability data at different conditions & when the trial of a new product meets all the specifications then the pilot scale and after that commercial-scale batches are produced.

So a new product development job is a very technical field and a good opportunity is available in the product development department of a known pharmaceutical industry.

Post Name

The candidates who are interested to join will be awarded the following rank or designation,

  • Senior Officer New Product Development


As we can understand from the designation that it is a senior officer post so fresh pharmacists are not eligible for this job vacancy.

The candidates having 2 to 3 years of experience can apply for this job post.

  • The candidates interested to apply for this job post must have previous experience in the product development department or the production department.

Degree Requirements

  • Pharmacists having a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from any university or college affiliated with the Pharmacy Council can apply for this job vacancy.

Technical Skills

This job listing demands the following skills,

  • Documentation for new products.

  • Supervision of new products Trials.

  • Stability studies.

  • Supervision of manufacturing of commercial-scale batches.

  • Will be responsible to conduct trials of Different Dosage Forms to meet the market demands.

  • The Candidates must be multitasking because he or she has to complete different tasks at a specified period of time.

  • Must have good knowledge of pre-formulation studies because to conduct a successful trial the knowledge of different properties of APIs & excipients is very important.

  • Punctuality is very important to complete tasks within targeted times.


 Company Name

Aspin Pharmaceuticals.



How to Apply

Send your updated resumes on the given email ID

Aspin Pharmaceutical

Aspin pharmaceutical is operational under the flag of OBS Pakistan. Aspin pharma started to work when OBS take over Janssen Pharmaceutical in 2015. The journey of success was not so easy because aspin started to work from a very small number of brands that is 11 brands and later its dedicated team & staff work hard to bring many new products to the market.

Today Aspin is a well established and popular pharmaceutical industry of Pakistan.

It has a GMP compliant manufacturing unit where quality products are manufactured. High standard quality control Lab equipped with sophisticated equipment is fully functional to ensure that high standards are maintained for every product.

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