Job Descriptions Of Production Manager


Job Descriptions Of Production Manager (Manufacturing)

To find best job description for professionals is a very difficult task because to find a full collection is very difficult.Here we will try to discuss all possible job description of Production Manager.

The job descriptions for production managers dealing with manufacturing

activities are given below

1.0 Title

  • Production Manager

This job position is a managerial post & needs a skilled person.

2.0 Qualification

 Doctor of Pharmacy 


B Pharmacy

  • B Pharmacy is mentioned because experience persons with more than 15 years of experience may have a B Pharmacy degree.

3.0 Experience

For this managerial post, the minimum required experience is 8 to 10 years.

4.0 Reporting To

The Production Manager is reporting to the Head of  Production or General Manager Production depending upon the company policy.

5.0 Subordinates

The staff list given below will report to the production manager

  • Assistant Manager Production

  • Executive Pharmacist

  • Junior Pharmacist

  • Working Staff

6.0 Job Descriptions

The  job descriptions for Production  manager dealing with all manufacturing activities are as follow,

6.1 Prepare a monthly manufacturing plan in coordination with the head of the production & planning department.

6.2 Split the monthly production plan into a weekly plan for easy execution.

6.3 Ensure implementation of daily manufacturing plan according to the weekly plan.

6.4 Coordinate with raw material store officials to ensure timely dispensing of required batches for all manufacturing areas.

6.5 Ensure that equipment is utilizing maximum working capacity means batch sizes should be of such capacity that ensures maximum utilization of equipment.

6.6 Plan enhancement of batches in coordination with validation, Q.A and Product & development department.

6.7 Ensure that there is no delay between batch to batch startup because delay in batches may create hurdles to achieve targets.

6.8 Take part in improvement & efficiency enhancement projects.

6.9 Monitor & supervise all the manufacturing operations.

6.10 Make sure that all the manufacturing activities are running smoothly.

6.11 Take part in troubleshooting projects.

6.12 Ensure that all the tooling & required PPEs are present and available.

6.13 Critically monitor line losses & make strategies to reduce the line loss to reduce per-unit cost.

6.14 Proper utilization of manpower on the floor.

6.15 Ensure the working staff attendance is above 90%.

6.16 Training of subordinates.

6.17 Improve skills by attending different training & seminars.

6.18 Ensure timely maintenance of all the machines & equipment to reduce the downtimes.

6.19 Take part in validation, qualification & calibration activities.

6.20 Preparation of SOPs & SCPs.


6.21 Ensure that all the SOPs & SCPs are implemented properly.

6.22 Preparation of change controls, deviations & CAPA documentation.

6.23 Preparation for all the in-house & external audits.

6.24 Ensure implementation of GMP & cGMP.

6.25 Coordinate with quality control department to ensure timely release of the products.

6.26 Coordinate with the product & development department to provide areas and machines for manufacturing of trial products or validation batches.

6.27 Maintain discipline on the manufacturing floor. 

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