How To Select Job Field


How to select a Job field is the topic on which we will discuss in detail in this article. Everyone should read this article and share their views in the comment box to help others to resolve Career selection related problems.

Why Is It Important?

A suitable Career selection is very important because of the following,

  • Professional Success

  • Inner Satisfaction

  • Financial Benefits

Professional Success

  • If you select the right job field for yourself it results in your professional success and growth.

Inner Satisfaction

  • Apart from success, the right job field selection gives inner peace to the person.

Financial Benefits

  • One main benefit is to gain financial benefits and if you select the right job field it will surely give you financial benefits as well.

How To Select?

Now we will discuss some important factors which should be considered during the selection of a job field.

  1. Interest

One of the most important factors for career selection is your interest.

First of all, analyse your skills and evaluate which job field is the best fit according to your internet & skills.

Those people are very lucky to have the same profession as their passion.


Following are some main benefits if your passion and profession are the Same.

  • Motivation

  • Enthusiasm

  • More Productive

  • Satisfaction

  • No Complaints


  • Having the same job field as your interest keeps you motivated and you need no extra acknowledgements to keep yourself motivated because you are self-motivated.


  • You are always full of energy and work with enthusiasm.

More Productive

  • You try to give your best for every task and it results in increased productivity which is beneficial for you and your organisation.


  • When you work in a job field which is according to your interest you remain satisfied.

No Complaints

  • Motivation, enthusiasm and satisfaction make you a person who focuses on Goals instead of complaints.


As an example, I have seen many who are always in a complaining & unsatisfactory mood during their job even if they work from 9 am to 5 pm.

 On asking why they said this job is not according to their interest.

So why did you choose this job? The common answer is, a friend of mine told me about this job so I joined.

  1. Skills

  • Select a job that best fits your interests & skills. A common problem is that we only join a field because the majority of people are joining.

  1. Take Guidance

  • Instead of following the majority, try to seek guidance from seniors who are working in the field of your interest.

  1. Don’t Focus On Money

Never reject a job field due to low salary because it may be harmful to you later on.


  • Most of the people don’t join the job even if it was according to their interest and skills.

  •  It is for most of the Fresh job seekers.

  • They don’t join because the salary is low but they are not aware of the importance of work experience.

  • Most people waste their initial one or two years waiting for a good salary.

  • Start a job of your interest immediately whenever you get a chance apart from a low salary because it will add value to your Career in terms of experience.

  • When you have a good experience you can easily find a better salary job or your salary will be raised in the same organisation.

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