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Job is the basic need of all individuals living in the society to fulfil his/her & their family needs. The importance of a job can’t be ignored and in this article, we will discuss 5 simple & easy tips or ways to find a first job.

Job Categories

For simple & easy understanding we can divide the jobs into two categories which are mentioned below,

  • Professional Jobs

  • Non-Professional Jobs

Professional Job

As we can understand from the name, it is the type of job which is related to a specific profession.


The type of job which requires a professional degree holder to complete a task or job is known as a professional job.

Important points for the professional job are, 

  • The required job or task can’t be completed without a professional who has gained knowledge & completed different exams.

  • For a professional job, a professional degree is required.

  • The requirement of a degree is mandatory by any regulatory body.

  • The professional degree should be approved by any degree-awarding body in the country.

  • The duration of degree may be 4 to 5 years depending on the country’s regulations.


Some main examples of professional degrees related to the medical field are as follows,

  • Doctor Of Pharmacy

  • MBBS

  • BDS

Non-Professional Job

Non Professional jobs are the type of jobs where no professional degree is required, only the expertise of the individual matters to complete a task.


Sales Job for Medical representatives.

In this article we will discuss only professional jobs, especially for Pharmacists.


After getting a professional Degree the next step which is sometimes more difficult than a degree is to get a relevant job. This problem is faced by the majority of fresh Pharmacists & here we will discuss various tips that may help freshers & even experienced Pharmacists to find or switch a job.

  1. Keep In Touch With Seniors

  2. Attend Job fairs or Talent hunt programs

  3. Check Institute websites

  4. Visit Various Institutes

  5. Join Various Groups

  1. Keep In Touch With Seniors

The first and basic point for Freshers to get an immediate job after completion of their degree is to keep in touch with their Seniors. The logic behind this point is the fact that the person who is already working in any institution has better professional links and job updates.

Whenever a vacancy in any institution is announced, it first comes to the knowledge of the individual who is working there, so if you are in touch with a senior person regarding the job updates, he or she may refer you for an interview or can timely provide the job information.

The importance of this point is very high in cases where jobs are not advertised in any newspaper or social media groups,so by getting the information from senior members you can timely apply for the job.

  1. Attend Job fairs or Talent hunt programs

To facilitate freshers for job searching various job fairs are held in different universities or colleges. The students or recently passed out candidates must attend these job fairs to get registered for available or upcoming jobs.

It is also observed that whenever an institute wants to hire candidates in large numbers they hold a job fair or talent hunt programs where candidates are shortlisted for job interviews.

To get updates of these job fairs, you should get the information of locations or organisations near to your area where these job fairs are arranged.

  1. Check Institute websites

It is the era of technology & digitization where the use of the internet has become a common practice. Nearly all institutes have their own websites where different information is updated from time to time. Along with various other details the job vacancies are also uploaded in the career or jobs section of the website.

There are many occasions when a job vacancy is uploaded on the official website of a specific Institute or organisation but more than 90% of candidates are not aware of that announcement or update.So by visiting these sites you can easily get information.

A common objection to this point may be that it is not possible to check hundreds of websites, so the simple answer is that first make a selection of your field of interest & then randomly visit sites matching to your interest.

  1. Visit Various Institutions

The importance of this step is great in cases where the majority of the organisations don’t have their own websites or the organisations don’t update their sites regularly.

First of all, shortlist your field of interest, for example, a Pharmacist wants to join a pharmaceutical industry as a production pharmacist so he or she will select the pharmaceutical sector of their area or pharmaceutical industries of the area or city where he or she wants to join.

Divide the selected industries (well-reputed) into 3 or 4 main groups according to the route (same route industries). Try to visit a group of companies a day after finding the exact location.

When you reach a specific organisation, take permission to visit the Human Resource department, and get information regarding available or upcoming jobs.You Should submit a copy of your documents along with CV for upcoming jobs.

This tip works and I have seen many candidates who got their first job by using this technique.

  1. Join Job Groups

Almost everyone uses social media for entertainment but apart from having fun on social media, it can also be used in a positive aspect.  Social media in any form may have different groups to provide updates & information on different topics.

Various job groups are also available and you can join any group according to your field of interest.  The benefit of joining these groups is that you may easily get notifications of newly uploaded jobs.

One of the best parts of these groups is that they are frequently updated and anyone can share information regarding the jobs announcements.

So if you have joined pharmaceutical job groups you can get multiple job updates in a day & can apply for those which are according to your interest.

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