Jobs For Pharmacist


In this article, we will discuss different job fields where a pharmacist can work after completion of his Doctor Of Pharmacy degree.

  • Community Pharmacy

  • Hospital Pharmacy

  • Clinical Pharmacist

  • Research Pharmacist

  • Industrial Pharmacist

  • DRAP

  • Forensic Science

  • Drug Inspector

  • DTL

  • Marketing Job

  • Medical Representative

  • Education

Community Pharmacy

  • A Pharmacist can work in a community pharmacy to directly interact with the patients and provide medications according to the prescription.

  • Community pharmacists can also provide drug information to the patients.

  • Community pharmacists may also take part in vaccination programs to vaccinate people from nearby communities.

  • Community pharmacists are easily accessible to the people in the community so play an important role in the health care system.

Hospital Pharmacy

  • A pharmacist may also work in a hospital pharmacy and provide medicines for the patients according to the requirements.

  • A hospital pharmacist is involved in the compounding of medicines if a compounding facility is available in the hospital.

  • Hospital pharmacists also ensure the supply of medicines to the satellite pharmacies situated in the hospital.

  • Hospital pharmacists are also involved in the formulation of TPN or Total Parenteral Nutrition.

Clinical Pharmacist

  • Clinical pharmacists can work in hospitals, clinics, or nursing homes to provide patient counseling.

  • Clinical pharmacists monitor drug-drug interactions.

  • Clinical pharmacists ensure the selection of correct dosage form and dose.

  • Provide education to the patients regarding side effects and drug-food interactions.

Research Pharmacist

  • Pharmacists can also join the field of research where they can take part in different research activities related to the development of new drug molecules and clinical trials.

Industrial Pharmacist

Pharmacists may also join pharmaceutical industries for work after completion of their degree.

In pharmaceutical industries, he may work in the following different departments.

  • Production Department

  • Quality Control

  • Quality Assurance

  • Product Development

  • Regulatory Department

  • Supply Chain

  • Warehouse Department


DRAP is the Drug Regulatory Authority Of Pakistan and pharmacists can join this department after completion of Doctor Of Pharmacy degree.

DRAP is regulated by the Government so this job can be achieved after passing specified tests and interviews.

Forensic Science

  • Job in forensic science is also a Government job in Pakistan and pharmacists are selected through tests and interviews.


Drug Inspector

  • Drug Inspector job is also a Government job and pharmacists are selected for this job through the process of test and interview.


  • DTL is a drug testing laboratory and pharmacists can join this department after a written test and interview process.

  • This is also a Government job.

Marketing Job

  • Pharmacists can join marketing departments of different pharmaceutical industries to improve promote their brands and to increase the sales of medicines of that pharmaceutical industry. 

Medical Representative

  • Pharmacists can join any pharmaceutical industry as medical representatives. Medical representative help to increase sale of products by giving information to doctors regarding the medicines.


  • A pharmacist can join the Government of Private Educational institutes as a teacher.

  • This job in Pakistan is usually awarded after MPhil degree.


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