09 Jobs For Pharmacists


We are going to discuss 05 positions for Pharmacists in the production department and 03 positions for Pharmacists in the Quality Assurance department.

Along with above mentioned 08 positions, we will also discuss the 01 positions as an Analyst in the Quality Assurance Department.

So if you are looking for a job or want 

to switch your current job in the above-mentioned departments, it may be a good opportunity for you to avail yourself of the chance.


If you are reading this job post & you don’t need a job because you are already in a good position then do share it with others where someone may get benefit.



                         Job # 1

Job Title

The first job is in the production department of a pharmaceutical industry where a well-established pharmaceutical industry is looking for energetic Pharmacists to join its production department as Production Pharmacists.

Number Of Posts

One important & key difference regarding this job post is that this pharmaceutical industry is looking for 05 Pharmacists for its production department.

Required Qualification

You Are eligible for the above-mentioned position if you have a Doctor Of Pharmacy degree.

The degree must be from a well-established university or college.

Required Experience

The opportunity to work as a Production Pharmacist is for those candidates who have up to 02 years of work Experience.


The selected candidates will be responsible for production activities & implementation of cGMP Guidelines.


The pharmaceutical industry is located in Lahore.

So Lahore-based candidates can easily apply to avail of the offer.

Candidates from other cities can also apply if they are meeting the above-mentioned criteria.

Soft Skills

  • Good communication skills.

  • Should be multi-tasking.

Name Of Pharmaceutical industry

The above-mentioned positions are announced by Selmore Pharmaceutical industry.

 Job # 2

The 2nd  posting which we are going to discuss is in the quality assurance department of the pharmaceutical industry, so if you want to apply for QA department ready details given below,

Job Title

The pharmaceutical industry is looking for Pharmacists who can join their QA department as Quality Assurance Officers.

Number Of Posts

The Pharma is looking for 03 Pharmacists for its QA department so apply to avail the opportunity.


The pharmaceutical industry is located in Lahore.


If you are a Pharmacist having a Pharm-D degree you can apply for this post.

Required Experience

The requirements of experience for this job is up to 4 years.

 Job knowledge

  • Good knowledge of cGMP.

  • Sound knowledge of Inprocess testing & Inprocess control.

  • Environmental monitoring.

Name Of Pharmaceutical industry

The above-mentioned positions in QA are announced by Selmore Pharmaceutical industry.

Job # 3

The third vacancy in the Quality Assurance department is for Pharmacists to work as Quality Assurance Analysts.

Number of posts

Only 01 seats are available for QA analysts.

Qualification & Experience

The candidate having Doctor Of Pharmacy degree with 04 years of work experience is eligible for this post 

Job Skills

  • Must have good knowledge of stability studies.

  • Must have experience of working on HPLC & UV.

  • Should have good knowledge of IPC & environmental monitoring.

Location & Name

This vacancy is also in the same pharmaceutical industry known as Selmore Pharmaceutical.

Applying Procedure

As all the vacancies are announced by the same pharmaceutical industry so send your CVs to the given address by mentioning the name of the post for which you are applying.



Selmore Pharmaceutical industry is also looking for 05 operators for its liquid filling & injectable filling section.

Operators having up to 4 years of work experience can apply for this job vacancy.

The same pharmaceutical industry is also looking for a graduate person for its admin department to work as an Admin officer.

One Seat for a Receptionist having 02 years of work experience is also available at Selmore Pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmacists reading this post can share this post with the above-mentioned candidates if they need a job in said departments.

Applying Procedure is the same as above mentioned for Pharmacist.

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